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How is Binary Interceptor in the Inside ?
Why using Binary Interceptor?
Binary Interceptor is the best tool for trading Binary Options, because of the following reasons:
Its servers are constantly monitoring world’s financial markets, 24/7
It detects important news which are used on the users’ benefit
It uses the latest technology to offer maximum benefits to all users
You can make use of it WITH NO COST during 45 days
Once 45 days go by you will ONLY have top ay 15% of your benefits to use it, which means that IF YOU EARN NOTHING, WE CHARGE NOTHING.
You can manage 2 broker accounts simultaneously and multiply your profits x2 !
It always offers an analysis of operations to be carried out and executes them automatically
It’s very easy to use, just 3 clicks get it to work !
It’s like having an army of analysts at your service !
Enter your Name and Email address to access right now to Binary Interceptor.

Binary Interceptor FAQ
How does Binary Robot work ?

Binary Robot works by using the most complex algorithms for stock market investment developed by a select group of stock market investors. These algorithms are constantly analyzing the world’s financial market and, when it detects a successful operation it automatically opens it.

How is it used with a binary options broker ?

Binary Robot needs a new account in a broker, you need to open the broker’s account from Binary Robot so as to get it linked with the broker’s account through the broker’s API.
Binary Robot cannot use already created accounts, there is no way to get the account linked to the robot via API. Bear this in mind: when opening a new account in the broker, the robot will create a link via API to it, so the Robot will be able to carry trading operations out 100% automatically.

Can I try it for 45 days with NO cost?

Yes, you can ! People distrust what they cannot try, so we give you TOTAL Access to Binary Interceptor for 45 days, with NO COST and NO COMMITMENT GUARANTEED.

After 45 days, do I have to pay?

After 45 days we will ONLY charge you 15% of your monthly net benefits. For Example:

A monthly $1,000 benefit: would mean $150 to be paid.
A monthly $2,000 benefit: would mean $350 to be paid.
A monthly $5,000 benefit: would mean $750 to be paid.
A monthly $10,000 benefit: would mean $1,500 to be paid.
A monthly $50,000 benefit: would mean $7,500 to be paid.
A monthly $100,000 benefit: would mean $15,000 to be paid.
Those would be examples about the cost of Binary Interceptor after the 45 trial-period-days, in case you decide to keep using it.

Do I have to pay for the profits of the first 45 days?

NO, the first 45 days of using Binary Interceptor are totally free for the user and all profits obtained will be entirely kept by the user. From the 46th day of using the Binary Interceptor on, we will contact you to check if you want to keep using in it. In such case, everything will be adjusted as previously stated.

How is the Binary Interceptor use paid for?

By the end of each, we calculate the benefits of all users and we email them an extract with all profits obtained, so they can check them. Once the user confirms the profits are correctly estimated, we provide 10 days to carry a bank transfer with the pertinent amount for the use of the robot.

Why do I have a 10-day-term to pay for the Binary Robot service ?

It takes between 4 and 7 days for the binary options brokers to transfer the money to the users’ bank account. Once the user receives the binary options profits in his/her bank account, he/she has to pay us for the service, so we give a 10-day-term to all users in order to pay off our commission for using the Robot.

What happens if I do not pay the Binary Robot service after the 45-day-trial period ?

If you are sent the monthly liquidation and, after 10 days, we do not receive the payment of our commission your Binary Robot account will be blocked and you will not be able to use the robot until you regularize your payment.

How do I unsubscribe if I have used it for more tan 45 days ?

Unsubscribing is quite easy, you only have to stop the robot from your Binary Robot account and send us an email, telling us you do not wish to keep using it, we will send you the liquidation of the benefits up the date of unsubscription and everything will be solved.